The dark side – dark walls done right

Having complained about how gloomy our living room was when it was painted dark red, I actually think that dark walls can be fabulous- done right that is! Maybe because they’re brave and glamorous, whereas white is often playing it safe. One of my favorite blogs Yellow Brick Home just posted photos of their bedroom with dark walls. I’d definitely recommend checking them out. Any doubts you have about going dark will vanish, I’m sure.


Yellow Brick Home

Although I’ve heard of people using dark paint in naturally dark rooms, I personally prefer dark walls in rooms with plenty of natural light. The light brings out the subtle tones in the paint.

One of the best things about dark walls, is how they bring out the colours in art and textiles. Someone I know recently painted a dark wall in her house and every picture we held up against it looked fantastic.

dark walls 7 dark walls 4.jpg

Left – source and right – source

Dark walls can also bring out texture and pattern in monochrome schemes. Here it brings out the pattern in these wonderful bathroom floor tiles and this bedding. Both these rooms are more than the sum of their parts thanks to dark walls.

dark walls 8 dark walls 6

Left – souce and right – source

I would like to find a wall or two to paint dark in our house. I’ll let you know how I get on with that.

So what do you think? Have you gone over to the dark side yet?




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