Wonderful ways with wallpaper

With so many beautiful wallpapers out there, it’s no surprise it’s moved from design trend to design staple. Wallpaper is here to stay! Some of my favourite designs are too bold or too expensive for me to paper a full room with them so here are some ideas for incorporating wallpaper into your home, whether you want a little or a lot!

Wallpaper backsplash

One of my favourite ways to use bold paper is as a backsplash under glass. You won’t need very much making it a perfect way to use an expensive paper.



In the bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place for a little bit of humour, something special, something quirky…

Wallpaper bathroom 1


The kids’ room

These days some of the coolest home wares are designed for kids. That goes for wallpaper too.

Wallpaper kid's room


 An unexpected nook

I saved my favourite for last. Wallpaper can elevate an unexpected nook or corner from awkward or bland to wow! I would smile every time I walked past this corner.

Wallpaper nook

Sandberg Raphael wallpaper – photo source unknown

If you live in New Zealand check out The Paper Room for an incredible collection of wallpapers. If you love mid-century and scandinavian design as much as I do, you can’t go past Lavmi’s collection available at Guthrie Bowron (and it’s affordable too!).

For more wallpaper eye candy hop on over to my Pinterest board.


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