Living room before and after

Here’s what the living room looked like when we bought the house (not our stuff). You had to have the lights on in the living room all day or it was too dark for anything except TV watching. That became a real problem when the light fitting broke on moving day!


I can see where the previous owners were going with this colour scheme. The red paint definitely gave the room a moody victorian feel and look at those ceilings! What you can’t see in any of the shots is that the sash windows are so large I can stand upright on the deep windowsill and have plenty of headroom. They really are magnificent.

We painted the room white (Wattyl classic white to be exact) and sanded the floors. Professional floor sanding seemed pretty expensive so we did it ourselves. By the end of that weekend the quote was looking very cheap indeed!


Look at that! No lights on! The only thing left to do is put a trim around the hearth stone, oh and move that picture up a few inches.

Here’s the other side of the living room. Unfortunately there’s no before shot of that but picture the same paint plus brass and peach glass wall sconces.


The sofa is from Nood, the rug is from Spotlight and the lights are all Ikea. There’s a lamp DIY I intend to make for the far corner and I’m still deciding on art. I think I need something bigger. So there’ll be more “afters” but for now I couldn’t be happier.



Love letter to a 1912 villa

In 2012 two 25 year olds bought a 100 year old house in New Zealand. It had no working shower, a leaking roof, a smoking fireplace and a weird smell. But it also had a beautiful garden, a great neighbourhood and bags of character.

This is the house in 1985, just before it was moved to its’ current address.

Our house

And here’s how it looked when we bought it.

House 2

Cute right? Inside was another story. There were character features we loved (hello ceilings!) and character features we didn’t (leaking chimney flashings) but we could see the potential.

So this is the story of our adventures in renovation and DIY (and a few other things I think are awesome besides). There’ll be befores and afters and a whole lot of inbetweens but that’s what you get when you fall in love with an old house right?